Site Header

Site header panel has four sections 1. Site header 2. Site title 3. Navigation 4. Header Media

Four sections of Site Header Panel

Site Header & Site Icon Section

1.    Background Color

This option enables you to change background color of site header.

2.       Alignment

This option enables you to change header elements’ alignment. 1. Menu right and branding(title/logo) left. 2. Menu left and branding(title/logo) right. 3. Menu and branding(title/logo) center. 4. Menu,branding,social-inline 5. Menu and branding(title/logo) both left

Header Alignment: Menu left – Branding right

Note: If “site header align” is “menu,branding,social – inline” selected, “topbar-layout”(Topbar Panel->topbar section) control will be disappeared. Topbar will contain topbar-text only. Topbar social goes to on site header area.

3.       PADDING

This setting enables you to change padding-top and padding-bottom of site-header.

Site Title

1.    Site Title Type

This setting provides three options to select  – 1. site-title only 2. logo only  3. none.

2.       Site Title Input

You can enter title input using this option.

3.       Site Title Fonts

You can set title fonts (font-family, font-size, font-weight, line-height, font-style) using these options.

4.       Site Title Colors

You can set color and hover color using these options.