Header Media

Header Media section of Site Header Panel

Header media type has four options – 1. None 2. Image 3. Video 4. Slide. You can choose anyone of them as header media/hero.

Header Media Position

Header media position has two options 1. Top of header 2. Bottom of header. You can set the header media on top of header (but bottom of topbar) or bottom of header/main menu.

Header Media Position

Header Media Type(Image)

By default header media type is image. Height of header media is 500px. You can set or change blog title. Font size of blog title is 80px. You can enter or change blog description/tagline which is under the blog title.

Header Media Overlay
Header Media Overlay

Header Media Overlay

This section is common for image, slide and video(Pro) header media type.

Overlay Height: The following image contains overlay height with 325px. There are four options are available 1. 100% 2. 250px 3. 300px and 4. 325px. Green arrow of the image below shows height of overlay(transparent light blue background color). You can choose anyone of three options that is fit to your content. 100%(option) covers whole header media that means it provides overlay all over the image or slider.

Overlay Style: There are three options 1. None 2. Double border 3. Border-shadow. Above image shows overlay style is None. The following image shows Border-shadow overlay.

Full Page Header Media

Enable Full-Page Header Media

If you check this control your header media will be covered header and topbar with transparent header background. You can make transparent of topbar background as well.

Full Page Header Media(Image)- Transparent both header and topbar
Header Media Full Page(Slide)- Transparent header but not topbar

Make Transparent

Header Media Full Page(Image)- Transparent header but not topbar

Header Media Type(Slide)

Category selection to display post on header media